Asian Women Giving Circle Awards $89,000 in Grants to Eight NYC Culture Change Makers

Imagining Change: NYC-based Asian American Women Artists and Community Groups Recognized for Vision and Risk-Taking

NEW YORK, NY – If your mother were to be deported, would you go with her—or stay? Which future would you choose? What would a map of Chinatown look like drawn by young cartographers who live there? How much do you know about the lives of garment workers behind the designer clothes you’re wearing? These are among the questions provoked by artists and community groups awarded grants this year by the Asian Women Giving Circle.

“The imaginary is the natural terrain of the artist, and it’s an especially potent place to be right now with so much at stake for our communities and our future as a country,” said AWGC founder Hali Lee. “This is the second year in a row since the 2016 election that the Giving Circle has received double the number of proposals. Artists are showing us what resistance, solidarity and egalitarianism looks like, and we’re proud to stand with them.”

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