Request for Proposals 2024



The Asian Women Giving Circle (AWGC) believes culture is an essential part of any strategy for social change. We support projects led by Asian American women or gender-expansive people in NYC that harness the power of arts and culture to:

  • Bring about progressive social transformation.
  • Raise awareness and catalyze action around critical issues that affect Asian American women, girls, gender-expansive people and families.
  • Highlight and promote their central role as leaders, creators, developers and managers of these projects.
In this grants cycle, we anticipate that 6-8 project grants will be awarded, contingent on available funding. The maximum grant amount is $8,000. To see past funded projects, visit our Projects.

Our Mission

We promote grassroots philanthropy and pool our resources to fund projects led by Asian American women, girls and/or gender-expansive people who use their creativity to move hearts, minds and communities to be free of fear, bias and injustice. Our goals are to:

  • Channel more resources into our local communities.
  • Engage more people to invest in creative projects by and for our communities.
  • Shine an authentic spotlight on our experiences and stories.
  • Promote progressive social change.
  • Raise the visibility of Asian American women and gender-expansive people doing philanthropic work.

Criteria and Review Process

Applications are reviewed by AWGC members who select a shortlist of finalists. We then encourage our broader donor community to vote via online ballot on this finalist list and make our final decision once the ballots are in. 

In the interest of fairness and transparency, If you have made a donation in the year that you are also an applicant, you will not be able to vote via online ballot. 

Applications will be reviewed with the following criteria:

  • The project is led by AAPI women or gender-expansive people and/or has AAPI women and girls and/or gender-expansive people in central roles in the project’s conceptual framework, design and implementation.
  • The arts and social change are related in an integral way.
  • Has a clear and persuasive strategy to move hearts and minds toward progressive social change and a strong potential to do so.
  • Raises awareness and/or intervenes around critical issues affecting AAPI women, girls, and/or gender-expansive people and families, e.g., human rights, bias, injustice, gender-based violence, immigrant rights.
  • Demonstrates a deep commitment to NYC-based communities.

Important Dates

  • Notification of Grant Awards will be made in June 2024.
  • All grantees will be required to submit a narrative and financial report at the end of the grant year (June 2025).

How to Apply

Visit us here for more information and to apply. This RFP is administered via the grants portal of the Ms. Foundation for Women. Applications will be accepted ONLY via this online process.


Click here to learn about the most frequently asked questions about the Asian Women Giving Circle application cycle.