AWGC Awards $68,000 to NYC Culture Change Projects

Utopias and Dystopias: NYC-based Asian American Women Artists on the Frontlines of Resistance

Asian Women Giving Circle Awards $68,000 to NYC Culture Change Projects

NEW YORK, NY — A televised series that imagines a future America where xenophobia and sexism are the new normal and a dance performance project that dramatizes the parallels between the Japanese American interment and the current regime’s attacks on Muslims and other groups are among Asian Women Giving Circle’s 2017 grantees.

“This year, more than 60 proposals for funding came through our doors — the most we’ve ever received. More than half the projects directly addressed the current political climate,” said AWGC founder Hali Lee. “Artists and community groups are doubling down. As grassroots funders, we’re fired up to do the same by raising more resources so their interventions and voices reverberate in our communities and beyond.”

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