Asian Women Giving Circle Awards $71,000 in Arts Grants


The Many Faces of New York City’s Asian America: Asian Women Giving Circle 
Awards $71,000 in Arts Grants for Social Change to Artists and Community Groups

NEW YORK CITY, NY – From long-time Chinatown residents to newly arrived Cambodian teenagers in the Bronx, from domestic workers rights to telling the stories of sexually exploited women and girls, the many individual people, social issues and stories that make up New York City’s evolving Asian American community are mirrored by the eight artists and community-based organizations selected for project grants from the Asian Women Giving Circle this year.

“The incredible range of experiences explored in the proposals we received this year—and reflected in our eight grantees –speaks to the vibrancy and diversity of our community here in New York City and the greater Asian diaspora, and the urgency with which artists are working to bring those experiences to the forefront to create political and social change,” said Asian Women Giving Circle Founder Hali Lee.


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